Guide to Finding the Top Meet and Hook Up Sites

Looking for the best adult dating websites on the internet? I know it’s a hard business because there are so many scam sites on the internet. Even I have been a victim of websites that scammed me by paying them to use the full feature set. That time I wasn’t experienced and I had no idea bunch of people were after my money though giving me fake profiles to see on adult dating websites.

But since I have seen a fair share of scam sites, now I know exactly which sites are scam sites and which are legitimate. But for you, someone who is new to meet and hook up sites, if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up disappointed and possibly with empty pockets. Make no mistake, internet dating is an expensive deal if you are not careful.

So before you use the adult dating websites, read the guide I have written down to help you save time, money and effort and stick away from scam sites.

Read reviews – Before signing up for any website on the internet, make sure to read plenty of reviews from existing members. You’ll not only find out if the website is real, you’ll also learn how the members are and what are the features of an adult dating website look like when you pay up. Some websites really don’t have advanced features like search options which is really annoying.

Take recommendations – If you cant decide which website to sign up for, look for adult dating website forums or communities where people exchange inside information about these sites. By luck, you’ll find inside information and recommendations for good sites on the internet. Since there are plenty of those, it is always a good thing to take recommendations from people who have already used them or at least know which are good.

Use common sense – If reading reviews or getting recommendations is not your cup of tea, you can use your common sense to tell if an adult dating website is worth joining. One of the best ways to do that is to see the member base for yourself and look for potential fake profiles. You can tell if a profile is fake by actually messaging and talking to the fake profile. If it is fake, you’ll get nonsensical responses from the member. If any fake profile is found on a site, steer clear of it.

Sex Guide For Hooking Up In The USA

As a female, you know it’s quite easy to connect with people to hook up with. That holds especially true given that I live in the USA. One of the many misconceptions that people make today is that women don’t want to meet for sex. That’s totally false and a lie that I want to immediately clear up right now. Here’s what you need to know if you want to hook up in the United States today. I’ll tell you right now that taking advice from a woman on this topic is the best thing that you can do.

USA Sex Tips

Tips For Hooking Up In The USA

Hooking up in the United States is easier than you think. Yes, as a woman, it’s much easier for me than it must be for men, but the good news is that they’ve got plenty of dating tools and resources at their disposal. I’ve personally been using these tips and if you don’t take them lightly, then yo might actually get laid.

The first tip that I have for you is to not dive into using mainstream sites like and These sites do not help people hook up. Instead, they’re filled with a ton of tire kickers that are looking to do nothing but waste your time. Having spent about two months on each of these, I know that both the men and women on these types of sites do nothing to want to meet and hook up. I suggest avoiding them completely.

Instead, you’ll want to hang out at your local gym to meet people to hook up. The gym helps boost your serotonin levels and exercising makes you look more attractive. Both of those things will help increase your chances of hooking up with someone. Based on this article written, exercise will boost your mood and ultimately increase your sex life as well.

One thing I must make you aware of is the fact that some of these “pay to play” dating sites are unsafe. If you’re looking to pay people to have sex with you, then you’re doing it all wrong. I recently did some research on this and came across a guide to sex in the usa and learned that most of these sites where you have to pay people for sex are completely illegal. Instead, you’re better off joining a legit casual dating site that caters to those mutually looking to hook up and have fun.

I should also mention that high-end hotels are top places to connect with horny singles across the United States. I hang out at many high-end hotels and restaurant bars in hopes of meeting someone looking to have some fun. It’s all for free too.

I guess my point is simple, if you’re looking to meet someone to have sex with and you live in the United States, then you’ve got plenty of options. Just be sure to use a casual sex network that connects you with people looking to meet and smash. That’s what I do!

10 Things Guys Assume Dating Girls They Meet Online

Most guys make lots of assumptions. They can be downright unpredictable and foolish at times, especially when it comes to dating in 2017. Some guys make assumptions that really piss me off. Others make assumptions that totally ruin their chances of getting any action at all and definitely void date two before it happens. I’m here to share the top ten things that most guys assume when dating today.

10 things guys assume

Things Guys Assume (But Probably Shouldn’t) When Dating Today

Here’s a rundown of the assumptions you need not make when dating girls today.

We wanna see dick pics.

The truth is we do not want to see any dick pics. Guys assume that we automatically want to see what your unit looks like and that bombarding our phones with schlong texts will get you laid. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re all sensitive.

Seriously, we’re not all sensitive and some girls are as cold as ice. Feelings don’t always come into play especially for me and you’re not going to increase your chances of scoring if you treat me like I’m sensitive.

Size matters.

Guys assume that if they’re packing downstairs that we will def bang them. Not true at all. The average guy has the same chance as the one packing a baker’s dozen in inches downstairs. In fact, he may have a better chance.

If you pay we’ll play.

Just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you’re getting action. I’ve been on many dates where guys were disappointed thinking they paid and deserved some booty. You’re not entitled to it. I give it up when I want and most of the time I do. Money plays no role, LOL.

Spending a lot makes a difference.

Again, it’s not the amount of money you spend on our date. I could care less how much you have or what type of watch you sport. That makes me yawn just thinking about it.

Driving a nice car matters.

Unless you show up in a Bugatti Chiron, then I don’t care what you’re driving. Just don’t pick me up in your mother’s minivan and we’ll be fine.

We can’t hang.

You assume girls can’t party, drink, do drugs or get crazy like the guys do. Well, you’re completely wrong on that note. We can hang longer than you’ll ever know.

We want you to romance us.

Romance is stupid. When dating casually, we want to bang and that’s about it. Leave the romance aspect for your wife or girlfriend. If I want romance, I’ll watch the movie Ghost, featuring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Looks are everything.

Yes, I’ve hooked up with physically unattractive people because they had killer personalities and were fun to hang with. Guys think that a six pack and dressing nice is going to get them somewhere every single time. That’s false.

Being open works in your favor.

Some guys assume that if they’re honest and open about EVERYTHING it will work in their favor. Not a chance my friend. There are just some things that I really don’t want to know about, I hate to say it but that’s the honest to god truth.

So now that you know what not to assume, just don’t and we’ll be fine. You’re welcome for help too!